Diana Fosua emerges as the Best Internal Auditor, 2021

Diana Fosua emerges as the Best Internal Auditor, 2021

Picture: Mr Edward Ansah (Director of the Internal Audit) pose with Ms. Fosua

The Director of the Internal Audit Directorate at KsTU Mr. Edward Ansah upon assumption of office, instituted an award scheme for members of his directorate to serve as a source of motivation.

At the maiden ceremony to award the first recipient of his award, Mr. Ansah informed staff of the Directorate that the award was based on hard work using the appraisal that was conducted at the end of 2021. At the end of it all, Miss. Diana Fosua was awarded as the overall Best Internal Auditor for the year 2021. As part of her schedules, Miss Fosua         supervises the pre audit of payments, conducts periodic audit as well as any other duty assigned to her by her superiors.

In presenting the award, the Vice-Chancellor encouraged all members of staff present to place emphasis on hard work and be assured that it would certainly be appreciated in due course. The Registrar of the University, Mr. E.K Boakye also made the point that awarding deserving workers was a good Human Resource practice which serves as a source of motivation for others.

Miss Fosua in her response, expressed her appreciation to her Director and the Senior Management for the honour bestowed on her. She was grateful that her hard work and dedication had been recognized. She believed that the award would propel her to do more. She attributed her success to her team and not just an individual action. Miss Fosua holds a Bachelor of Administration degree with specialisation in Banking and Finance, Master of Business Administration with specialisation in Accounting and recently passed her examinations as a Chartered Accountant.

She says, the future looks promising for the Internal Audit Directorate. The award included a full piece Kente cloth and a citation.

Picture: Ms. Fosua receiving a citation from the Vice-Chancellor

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