Effective Utilisation of Institutional E-Mails Underscored

Effective Utilisation of Institutional E-Mails Underscored

A day’s workshop has been organised for the Executive Committee members of Kumasi Technical University (KsTU) to educate the members more on effective ways to utilise their institutional e-mails and other repositories.  The one-day workshop which was held at the Council Chamber of the University was chaired by the Interim Vice Chancellor (IVC) of the University, Ingr. Prof. Mike A. Acheampong. It was the beginning of a month-long training programme for the staff of KsTU on the best way to use the institutional I.C.T infrastructure.

In his welcome address, the IVC underscored the need for all official communications of the University to be done in an official manner through individual’s institutional e-mail addresses. He said, this could only be done when all members of staff cultivate the habit of using their institutional e-mails to send information across. Again, he advised on cyber fraud, cautioning the Executive Committee members to be careful when using e-mails even though, it is one of the official ways of sending information. The IVC charged the members to make good use of the workshop by applying their newly acquired knowledge.

Emphasising the significance of the workshop, the Acting I.C.T. Director of KsTU, Mr Enoch Anderson threw more light on the utilisation of the institutional e-mail. According to him, there should be an existence of collaborative suite which will allow multiple users and dedicated team to work together by e-mailing, instant messaging and video conferencing for effective communication within the University. According to the Acting I.C.T Boss, the collaborative suite has varieties of usage including minutes and memoranda retrieval irrespective of status of the committees that dealt with such issues.

He finally assured the Committee of some security measures that the Institution was   putting in place to avoid cyber fraud in members’ e-mails.


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