KsTU Glitters at Applied Research Conference

Picture: Prof. Nagre presenting his plaque to the Vice-Chancellor (middle)

Vice-Chancellors of Technical Universities of Ghana organised the 2nd annual Applied Research Conference of Technical Universities in Ghana for 2 days at the Accra Technical University (ATU) with the theme: Sustainable Technologies, Innovations and Entrepreneurial Development.

The Annual Applied Research Conference of Technical Universities in Ghana is a platform for researchers to discuss basic and current most important scientific, technical, innovative and entrepreneurial research questions and also share results of recent research findings. It is also meant to make new or renew friendships and work together to develop new chapters in applied research towards the fight against poverty, hunger, malnutrition and diseases in Africa and beyond.

Team Kumasi Technical University (KsTU) won the Best Paper (3rd position) and the Best Innovative Student Project (3rd position) awards for the invention of a fish smoker. Team KsTU presented a paper on “Traffic Congestion and the Impact on productivity, the case of Atwima Nwabiagya.”.

Professor Robert Dery Nagre, the Dean of Faculty of Engineering and Technology in KsTU received the Best Presenter award at the Conference. The authored paper which is on converting plastic waste to fuel was developed by Prof. Nagre in a bid to contribute to solving the plastic waste menace while generating revenue alongside. The Paper aims at killing two birds with one stone by managing plastic waste and also converting waste to energy for fuel.

According to Prof. Nagre, plastic waste is a huge problem in the world. He said, because of its durability, plastic wastes accumulated in landfills and oceans tend to be trapped for centuries, causing a global environmental crisis. Among the reasons for this state of affairs are the current inefficiencies and high cost of recycling plastic waste resulting in plastic pollution.

Prof. Nagre, who has worked on the project for some time now, reiterated that this presents a golden opportunity for Ghana to deal with its plastic waste challenge in a manner that makes economic sense. He encouraged more researchers and the Government to do more so that the cost of producing the energy fuel can be cheaper. 

The award includes a certificate of honour and a plaque. KsTU is looking at broadening the scope of plastic waste conversion and looking at working on another type of plastic waste, not only that of sachet water to produce diesel and other petroleum products.


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