Quality Assurance Directorate

Kumasi Technical University (KsTU) is committed to striving for excellence and assuring quality in all its activities. The Quality Assurance Directorate (QAD) is therefore charged to ensure the highest quality of learning experience for students, maintain standards and apply international best practices in the area of teaching, learning and research.

The Directorate was established to ensure that the quality and standard of the University’s programmes and activities meet global standards and satisfies the requirements of the supervisory bodies such as the National Accreditation Board (NAB); National Council for Tertiary Education (NCTE), National Board for Professional and Technician Examinations(NABPTEX). To achieve this, the QAD has in place policies and procedures that ensure promotion of quality standards, improvement of curriculum and courses, the periodic review of programme offerings, and the development of new programmes.

The Directorate is responsible for the following:

  • Manage standards and quality related activities/tasks of the University.
  • Develop a set of strategies for the setting up of standards/quality benchmarks/ parameters for all activities of the Institution from time to time.
  • Prepare, promote, and disseminate, information on standards/quality to all sections of the University through discussion at workshops and seminars.
  • Monitor and evaluate standards/quality measures/parameters of the institution.
  • Organize  orientation  lectures  for  fresh  Lecturers/Administrators    and
  • Researchers employed by the University.
  • Develop formats for students’ assessment of Lecturers, programmes and courses.
  • Prepare Annual Quality Assurance Reports and present them at seminars at the end of each academic year to the University community.
  • Co-ordinate  Internal  Audits  of  the  University  pertaining  to  Quality Assurance.
  • Evaluate policies on Quality Assurance and their impact on the University.