Centre For Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

The Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency – Kumasi Technical University (CREK) was created in 2014 with the support of COTVET, under its Skills Development Fund to provide a long-term support to local and Regional businesses that deliver products and services related to renewable energy and energy efficiency. The Centre, directly under the supervision of the Office of the Vice Chancellor, will undertake applied research in areas of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (RE&EE) and will offer tailor-made vocational and technical training programmes to diverse groups of people that will include local artisans as well as students and graduates from Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institutions.


To become a leading Centre in Research, Technology Development, and Training in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in Africa.


To undertake applied research and provide technical support in all aspects of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in order to support enterprises, firms and organisations in Ghana and Africa.
In order to achieve the mission, CREK will:

  • Strengthen the capacity of energy sector players in Ghana, West Africa and the African continent as a whole, in order to contribute actively towards the replication and scaling up of successful energy technologies, policies and management practices, and increasing access to energy services for socio- economic development.
  • Mobilize the unique and diverse resources within the various Faculties, Institutes and Centres within Kumasi Polytechnic in order to offer competent and professional services in RE&EE related areas, in support of national and regional development priorities and programmes.
  • Reach out to a wide range of clients including government, industry, private and public enterprises, civil society organisations, donor agencies and other international organizations.
  • Become well recognized in Ghana, West Africa and the world at large for expertise in applied research, technology development and training in RE&EE.



Name Qualification Position / Rank
Ing. Cudjoe Edem Bensah MSc (Thermofluids & Energy Systems), KNUST, 2009 Head/Senior Lecturer
Julius Cudjoe Ahiekpor MSc (Chemical Eng.), KNUST, 2011 Head of Bioenergy and Energy Efficiency/Senior Lecturer
Ing. Edward Antwi MSc (Thermofluids & Energy Systems) Head of Wind Energy/ Senior Lecturer
Ing. Joseph X. F. Ribeiro MSc (Mechanical Eng.), KNUST, 2012 Head of Solar Energy/ Senior Lecturer
Ing. Araba Amo- Aidoo* MSc (Renewable Eng. Tech.), KNUST, 2016 Lecturer
Bright Amponsem* HND (Chemical Eng.), KsTU, 2013 Technician and Research Assistant
Benjamin Boahen* HND (Mechanical Eng.), KsTU, Technician and Research Assistant

*Temporal Staff