Centre for Research and Development for Technology Incubation

The Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation (MESTI) initiated a five-year (2011–2016) Ghana Skills and Technology Development Projects ( GSTDP ) to improve and increase the adoption of new technologies in selected economic sectors.

The project components are to focus on activities meant to increase access to skills and technology development, improve productivity and competitiveness of Ghanaian firms and support their effective and efficient management.

Under Component 2.2 of the project, Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) institutions are to be strengthened to move away from the conventional research publications which are more supply-driven and refocus their attention to research which directly addresses the problems facing the private sector.

Kumasi Technical University (formally Kumasi Polytechnic), upon submission of a proposal to that effect, was selected as a grantee under Component 2.2 of the GSTDP with a grant of US $500,000 to set up a Centre for Research and Development for Technology Incubation ( CRDTI ). These events culminated into the formation of the CRDTI .



To become a Centre for improving and increasing the adoption of new technologies by private sector players developed by Kumasi Technical University staff.



The Centre seeks to bridge the gaps in research capabilities and to develop research and technology products to service the high demands of the private sector. It is to coordinate and market all research outputs of the Unniversity to the private sector. The Centre is also to develop a strong link with the private sector in the area of curriculum development and students’ attachment programme.



The Centre for Research and Development for Technology Incubation exists to:

  • Strength the private sector-driven research capabilities of the staff of the University.
  • Increase the quality and quantity of research outputs of the University.
  • Integrate private sector requirements into research activities in the University.
  • Strengthen collaborations between the University and Science and Technology Institutions (STI).
  • Enhance the Polytechnic’s contribution to the private sector development through technology innovation transfer and commercialization of demand-driven research.
  • Maximize revenue through commercialization of research and technology transfer to the private sector.